Inter-City Teams

    The Inter-City teams are comprised of the midget North Shore Mustangs and the bantam North Shore Lions. The Mustangs play in the Quebec Midget Football League and the Lions play in the Quebec Bantam Football League.

    North Shore Mustangs

    The North Shore Mustangs Football Club was established in 1964 and was the North Shore Football League’s first team to compete at the inter-city level. The first few years saw the team struggle as wins were few and far between. The Mustangs tasted their first success in 1967, earning the League championship award. They followed that season by capturing both the league championship and the provincial title in 1968. The Mustangs have not looked back since. From 1970 to 1990 the Mustangs recorded 21 consecutive League championships and captured the Provincial title 16 times.

    Overall, the Mustangs have brought home 26 provincial titles in 37 finals appearances.

    Since the team’s inception, the Mustangs have played out of Westpark (now known as Terry Fox park) in Dollard Des Ormeaux. A new era began in 2005 as the Mustangs moved to Dollard des Ormeaux park on a new synthetic turf field. In 2007, in a ceremony honouring the late Glenn F. McHugh, Mayor Ed Janiszewski and the city councillors officially re-named the Mustangs home field “GLENN F. McHUGH FIELD”. G.F.M field is located at the corner of Lake Rd. and De Salaberry Blvd. (across from the Civic Centre).

    Coach – Jason Jourdenais


    North Shore Lions

    In the early to mid-1960’s, the North Shore Football League was still in its infancy and at the time there were four bantam teams that played amongst themselves in a house-league system. The names that were chosen for these teams were taken from the western teams in the CFL. These were the Eskimos, Stampeders, Bombers, and Lions, who, at the time, were playing their home games at Rive Boisée park. As it was becoming increasingly difficult to find enough players to make four bantam teams, a decision was made in 1966 to disband the four-team system and to create one elite team that was going to compete the following year at the inter-city level in the fledgling Metropolitan Bantam Football League (MBFL). They still needed to come up with a name for the team so it was decided that whichever of the four existing teams won what would be the last North Shore championship that year, their name would be used for the new inter-city team that was to begin competing the following year in 1967. As it happened, the Lions won that last championship and this was the creation of the team that we now know today.

    In their inaugural season, under the guidance of their first head coach, Ron Hutchison, they began what was to become a winning streak of 42 straight games without a loss and their first of many provincial championship titles. In 1980, the MBFL fell into the jurisdiction of the Quebec Amateur Football Federation (QAFF) and changed to what we now know as the Quebec Bantam Football League (QBFL). The original MBFL championship trophy was retired and was presented by Bill Allan, then president of the MBFL and founding father of the North Shore Football League, to the Lions for having won the most championships during the time the MBFL existed.

    The North Shore Lions have won 37 Provincial Titles since their inception.

    Coach – Terry White


    Inter-Park Teams

    The Inter-Park teams are comprised of the following parks, Alexander Park and Sunnybrooke. These parks run the Tyke, Atom, Mosquito and Peewee programs. Alexander Park teams are Jr. Lions(Tyke), Hurricanes(Atom, Mosquito and Peewee). Sunnybrooke teams are comprised of the Chiefs(Chiefs), Bears(Mosquito) and Bombers(Peewee).
    The Inter-Park teams play in the Montreal Regional Football League.

    Alexander Park Football

    Alexander Park is a member of the North Shore Football League and this year is celebrating 50 years of providing football to the youth of the West Island.

    Alexander park has won 17 Provincials titles the first one being the Pee Wee Rough Riders in 1973 and the last one also the Rough Riders in 2007.

    Patty Marando  Park Director
    Michael Masella  Peewee Head Coach
    Roxanne Doucet  Peewee Team Manager
    Ian Barrette  Mosquito Head Coach
    Kara GilL  Mosquito Team Manager
    Mike Bagnato  Atom Head Coach
    Victoria Duckworth Atom Team Manager


    Sunnybrooke Football

    Chris Carvalho Park Director
    Diya Richards Peewee Head Coach
    Melissa Allen
    Dyana Gampel
    Peewee Team Manager
    Richard Denton Mosquito Head Coach
    Sheri Lee Fournier Mosquito Team Manager
    Ryan Toniolo Atom Head Coach
    Krystal Futter Atom Team Manager
    Harveer Rajwans Tykes Head Coach
    Syntia Jean Tykes Team Manager